Prisoner Dilemma Bot

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Bot listens to the chat history

As soon as it detects two users who wrote "prisoner" or "dilemma" together with "play", it sends a prompt to both users asking them to make their move.

The players make their moves via DM (private messages) to the bot.

Bot publishes results in the group chat where the game was initiated.

Participation cost

Each player needs to transfer 5 Coins to the Bot in order to play.

Depending on game outcome, the player will either lose these Coins or will gain more Coins.


Players can choose one of the following moves:

  • ✅ Cooperate


  • ❌ Defect

Once moves are made by each player, Bot announced the results and issues the rewards.


Depending on the combination of the moves, players get penalised or rewarded accordingly.

Alice Bob Reward for Alice Reward for Bob
3 Coins 3 Coins
0 Coins 5 Coins
1 Coin 1 Coin