Coding guidelines

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All projects

  1. 🚫 Never commit any credentials (logins, passwords, JWT tokens, certificates etc) into Ethora github repository.

New projects based on Ethora

  1. 🚫 Don't create pull requests or branches within Ethora github repo for any custom changes you have built or need built for an external project.
  2. ⚠️ You may create issues / feature requests for something you need built, however any such request will be only treated as a feedback in regards to roadmap priorities for the Ethora core engine development. Any core engine development will remain a copyright of Ethora foundation (currently owned and managed by Dappros Ltd, UK). You should not expose any confidential, sensitive or commercially valuable information via your feature requests and communications within Ethora repository. You acknowledge that the publicly available github Ethora repository does not represent all of the Ethora project knowledge and information in its entirety. You acknowledge that the features you request or suggest may have already been in development or planned for development.
  3. 🚫 Don't commit any 3rd party project specific code or logic into Ethora github repo
  4. 🚫 Don't commit any code subject to 3rd party ownership into Ethora github repo

Ethora core engine developers

Copyright & license notice

Include the following copyright and license notice header into all project code files.

/* Copyright 2019-2022 (c) Dappros Ltd, registered in England & Wales, registration number 11455432. All rights reserved. You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at Note: linked open-source libraries and components may be subject to their own licenses. */


A) Open-source license option.

Your Ethora-based project should include a copy of the license file typically available under COPYING and LICENSE file names in the root of the repository.

Please ensure these license files remain as part of your repository and that you keep publicly open and available your Ethora based project code and its derivatives. Please ensure you retain the copyright & license notice in the headers of project code files. Doing otherwise is a violation of license terms.

B) Commercial license option.

There is no need to include a license file into your project repository if your company/project has a commercial license contract from Ethora foundation (represented by Dappros Ltd, UK) or one of its official distributor partners.

You should remove the COPYING and LICENSE files in such case if you have your local copy duplicated from the main Ethora repository, as your code is governed by custom license terms.