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Creating an Item (a.k.a minting an NFT)

Unless this feature is disabled in your configuration, Users can mint (create) Items (also known as NFT tokens).

There may be multiple cases where Owners may want to disable or restrict the Items minting functionality:

  • No application for Items / NFTs in your Ecosystem
  • Minting is restricted to specific User categories (for example, Application devoted to a celebrity or certain sports team, where the value of the digital collectibles derives from them being minted, signed or pre-owned by a certain celebrity / sports star etc).
  • Items/NFTs can be circulated in the App, but they are either pre-minted by Owners or imported from external ecosystems / Metaverse.

On the other hand, there might be cases where you might want minting in your Ecosystem but you don't know it's applicable to your use case, for example:

  • Educational certificates - Users may upload their educational certificates, diplomas etc to their profile OR authorised body issues an NFT-based tokenized certificate and transfers it to a User to be displayed in User's profile.
  • Health certificates, tokenized business documents etc

Aside from these, the usual use cases for Items would be digital collectibles, badges, gamification items, memorabilia etc relevant to your Ecosystem.

Let's describe the steps it takes for a User to mint their own NFT:

Step 1: NFT minting screen

This screen can be accessed via Menu -> Mint

Screen showing UI allowing to set name, upload image file, and set rarity number
Step 1 - NFT minting screen

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Step 2: Upload media

Upload media file(s) such as image(s), video / GIF animation and/or other binary data.

Screen showing "Choose a file" dialog
Step 2 - Media upload

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Step 3: Minting parameters (Title, Rarity, Media)

Confirm the minting parameters to ensure everything is entered correctly. Make sure you have specified the Title (name for your Item) and Rarity (how many copies are going to be created).

Screen showing uploaded title, media image, rarity and "Mint item" button
Step 3 - Confirm parameters and media

Step 4: Mint

After you tap "Mint", the smart contract will be engaged and create unique blockchain token(s) which represent your Item. It might take some time for this transaction to be propagated through the network.

UI showing "awesome!.." confirmation from the App
Step 4 - Minting

Step 5: Check your wallet

In your Profile screen you should see the minted Item. In case it doesn't appear simply wait a bit longer as the transaction may have not propagated yet.

Profile screen showing Items in User's wallet including our freshly minted NFT
Step 5 - NFT visible in the profile of the User who has minted it

Step 6: Check your wallet

You may tap on the Item which will open the screen with Item details. Provenance is an important feature here as it shows the full history of the Item, right from it being minted to the full history of transfers between the Users. This allows to verify the origins and history o items that change hands. This history is taken from blockchain which means it's decentralized and immutable.

Screen showing Item image and provenance (when minted, by whom)
Step 6 - Viewing Item details

Step 7: View / play maximized media content

Tap on the media preview image to open the maximized view and/or play it if it's in a supported format such as audio or video.

Screen showing modal window with maximized media (image) view
Step 7 - viewing image maximized

Sending an Item

In Ethora platform, the easiest way to send an Item to another user is via a Room (Space) which may be public/group or 1:1.

To do so, long tap on a profile of another user or on their message. The dialog will appear.

Shows modal window with selection of Items to send
Step 2 - choose Item to send