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Standing with Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Ethora product team is standing in solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine who are suffering an unprovoked attack by one of the world's largest armies these days.

We are proud that some of our team members based in Ukraine have volunteered to join the territorial defence to protect their homes against russian aggression.

May the freedom, global stability and peace prevail.

Glory to Ukraine!

standing with Ukraine
User Profile screen
Chat Room / Space screen
Social sign in screen
shows UI for NFT minting (image upload etc)
NFT minting screen
Transactions screen showing NFT provenance
NFT transfers
shows QR code for users profile
Profile sharing via QR
Activity rewards - shows daily transactions of 5 tokens each whereby users receive tokens for checking in into the app on regular basis
Activity rewards & Gamification
showing User Profile, Transactions, NFT Item provenance and details screens
User Profile, Transactions, NFT Item screens

What is Ethora engine❓

Mobile app engine and platform for social tokenized communities.

Some people call us "Facebook for blockchain" or "decentralized WeChat" while others prefer to see it as a "nocode" or "lowcode" platform.

It is a B2B2C product meaning it's built by us for you (B2B) so you can provide your end users (B2C) with their own App / Ecosystem.

Ethora engine leverages state-of-the-art distributed ledger, tokenization and messaging technologies.

Currently available in React Native for iOS and Android.

Core features πŸ’‘

  • iOS & Android
  • Social sign-in & Crypto wallets
  • Coins (ERC-20 tokens)
  • NFT Items (ERC-721 / ERC-1155 tokens)
  • Peer rewards (a.k.a. "crypto likes" - sending Coins and NFT tips to messages)
  • Immutable decentralized transactions ledger (powered by Ethereum blockchain)
  • Crowd-sourced rooms and spaces, p2p QR-code / public key - based invites system
  • Chat / Messaging & Social profiles
  • Bots and smart contracts extensions
  • Push notifications

Scroll further below for the full Features list.

Developers section (Source code etc) πŸ“

Github repo:

Release notes:

Useful articles:

  • Source code structure - description of our React Native codebase structure and components
  • Step-By-Step build guide - (doc + video guide) go ahead and build yourself a new tokenized community app in under 1 hour!
  • Branding guidelines - use our default branding guidelines or make your own based on our document
  • QA checklist - a list of essential visual and functional checks to carry out to ensure a good quality Ethora-engine based application delivery
  • ACL (access levels) - access rights and privileges for users / entities explained
  • API - links to API reference and optimization notes
  • Coding guidelines - instructions and notes for Ethora core engine developers and community contributors

Open-source & Commercial license options

There are two licensing options available for Ethora engine depending on your requirements:

A) Default - AGPL open-source option.

By default, Ethora engine codebase is distributed under AGPL open-source license. You can start with this option straight away by simply downloading / forking the code from our Github repository, rebranding, building your application and distributing it commercially. You don't need to ask for our permission to do so as long as you comply with the AGPL license terms. AGPL license means that you should keep your source code open when you build something based off Ethora engine. This is totally acceptable for most of the community-driven projects who benefit from the transparency, and for many startups who practice the "open development" culture. Many software products such as Linux OS, MySQL database etc have been developed this way. This way of distribution ensures that all contributions to the code remain open for the benefit of the whole ecosystem, at the same time it doesn't create any obstructions for commercial usage beyond the standard AGPL "copyleft" license requirements.


B) Commercial license option.

Businesses may prefer to obtain a commercial license of Ethora engine which allows them to create a business-friendly closed-sourced copy of the latest stable version of the engine. This option is suitable for those businesses and startups who need their code and derivatives to be close-sourced due to security and commercial considerations. Optional security, encryption, hosting and SLA packages add-ons are available along with this option.

Commercial license copy of the Ethora engine can be obtained via our distribution and implementation partners - software houses and IT consultancies that have a contract to distribute the commercial/enterprise version of the Ethora engine.

The recommended price for the commercial license currently is $21,000 one-off (excluding any additional work and services such as customization costs, also excluding any hosting, tech support / SLA packages provided on top under subscription model usually).

Please contact one of our Implementation Partners if you would like to obtain a Commercial License and/or need help with customization of Ethora engine.

Launchpad πŸš€

Visit our Launchpad section to check out some of the new projects built with the help of Ethora engine.

Discussion πŸ’¬

Note (17th November 2021): these channels are brand new, at the same time we are currently busy helping some Ethora-based projects and don't do much PR at the moment. Don't be surprised if there isn't much activity in these ones. Feel free to drop us an e-mail or create an issue in Github.

  • Tech support mail group: ethora AT

Project goals 🎯

This project aims to promote decentralized economy and technology by offering a mobile app platform that can be easily used by any business, startup or community. Project authors build upon their expertise in the domains of mobile app development (iOS and Android), real-time communication (Erlang, ejabberd, XMPP) and blockchain (Ethereum) deeply believing the combination of these technologies offers the key missing gateway for average users into the decentralized economies of the future.

Using Ethora codebase you can easily create and publish your own iOS and Android app for your community, equip your members with crypto wallets and get a crowd-sourced community building going supported by your own token economy through ERC-20 and NFT digital assets. Real-time communication features (chat rooms, messaging, push notifications) help to keep your community sticky, engaged and viral. You can track your community metrics (user registrations, app usage, token transfers, messages) using Google Firebase or built in analytics provided by Dappros Platform.

Features πŸ’‘

React Native (iOS & Android) iOS and Android platforms are fully supported from the single React Native codebase
Config file Config file allows to adjust important parameters and simplifies rebranding so that Ethora engine can be customized to a specific project
Dev / Prod Switch between Development and Production infrastructures for development, testing and running live purposes
Users authentication
Social sign-in (Google) Imports name, photo and e-mail from Google
Social sign-in (Facebook) Imports name, photo and e-mail from Facebook
Social sign-in (Apple) Imports e-mail from Apple
Login + Password (optional) Your own authentication system via Dappros Platform backend
3rd party authentication (optional) Your own authentication system via 3rd party
E-mail verification (optional) Send a verification link if you need users e-mails confirmed, for example to unlock features / content to specific @domain name user or to verify membership in your community via a 3rd party API integration
Secondary e-mails (if enabled) Users may specify and verify additional e-mails
Phone verification (OTP) (optional) Verify users phone number via Firebase or Twilio integration
User Profiles & Wallets
Crypto wallet / ID Each user is automatically provided with a cryptographic keypair based on Ethereum technology that allows users to hold digital assets and sign transactions cryptographically.
Profile First + Last name Names imported from social login if applicable
Profile photo Photo imported from social login if applicable
Profile bio Optional - Users can specify brief information about themselves
Profile business details Optional - Users can specify their business details (company, phone, website)
Balances (blockchain) Balance is shown in nav bar and in users profile
Transactions (blockchain) Transactions for Coins and Items are done via blockchain (distributed immutable ledger)
Public display for tokens balances and transactions (by default) Users can see balances and transactions on other users' profiles
Items/NFT provenance Users can check the history of Items, NFTs, certificates and assets held by other users (when issued, by whom, history of transactions etc)
Items/NFT interactions (if enabled) other users can purchase, exchange or bid for Items/NFTs through owner user's profile
Profile share via QR Users can share their wallet address and profile details via a QR code
Profile share via link Users can share their wallet address and profile details via a hyperlink
Coin App/Ecosystem has a default ERC-20 token called Coin. It is shown in nav bar, user profile and used for most interactions by default.
ERC-20 tokens and ETH Other ERC-20 tokens and ETH can also be used
Social Likes Users can spend and receive Coins and Items for their chat messages and content
In-chat transactions Users can transfer Coins and Items to each other within chat Rooms / Spaces and also send/receive tokens from Rooms and Bots
Explorer Transactions and Tokens provenance seen in users profiles, web explorer and b/c nodes transactions
Items (NFT) Items (ERC-721 tokens) are unique or limited edition assets transferrable in chats and displayed on users profiles. Metadata and multimedia hosted on IPFS.
Mint NFTs (if enabled) Users can mint their own NFTs directly from the App. This can be limited to business-specific scenarios (for example, upload your academic or health certificate, upload a photograph of a shipped item etc)
NFT P2P purchases (if enabled) Users can purchase Items directly from other Users' profiles (Buy now & Bid)
Item provenance Item (NFT) display their mint and transactions history in Users profiles
Lobby screen & Default chats Lobby screen shows which Rooms/Spaces and Private chats user has joined, number of users and a latest message in each room
Chat Rooms / Spaces Users can chat in group chats, also send and receive Coins and Items within rooms
Private chats Users / crypto wallets can message each other individually
Manage chats Users can rearrange chats via Lobby screen controls
Profile menu Tap on User's profiile to send Coins/Items, start a Private chat, Ban/Report etc
Default Rooms / Spaces Specify "pinned" or Default Rooms that all of your App / Ecosystem users will auto-join
Premium / Members-only rooms (If enabled) certain Rooms/Spaces may be limited to a member status confirmed via a 3rd party integration
Ban users Room/Space owners and admins can ban other users
Now typing Users see when other users are typing
Photos/avatars/initials Users represented by photos / avatars if uploaded, otherwise initials avatar in the messaging interactions
File attachments Photos, Videos, other file types attachments supported. Previews supported for Photos and Videos.
Voice & Video messages Long tap to record and send a message
Social Likes Users can receive Coins and Items towards messages and content they post
Create Rooms / Spaces Users can create their own chat Rooms / Spaces, modify their settings and rules, invite other users
Share room via QR User can share and join Rooms / Spaces via QR codes. For example, invite users via TV or print, Zoom call etc
Share room via link Text link sharing allows to link directly to Rooms / Spaces within and outside the app. Users join by tapping the link.
Chat Bots Bots allow to connect custom business logic and smart contracts via conversational interface. Some bots are available out of the box.
Room/Space wallets Users can transact Coins and Items with Room/Spaces or their smart contracts
Push Notifications (transactional) When not online, users receive push notification alerts from Rooms/Spaces, Direct Messages, Coins or Items transfers
Manage Rooms / Spaces User can move, rename, leave Rooms / Spaces to organize their Lobby screen
Users engagement & P2P Economy
On-boarding screens (Optional, disabled by default), Educational screens for your Users upon first time they open the App
Join bonus (If enabled), Users receive 100 Coins when they join your Application / Ecosystem. This enables new Users to participate in your Ecosystem and p2p rewards.
P2P rewards Users can receive "crypto likes" Coins and Items in response to messages, thus enabling p2p rewards within your Ecosystem.
Daily bonus (If enabled), Users will receive 5 coins every 24h they use the Application
Activity rewards (work in progress) - Ecosystem rewards users for activity that is useful to the community
Push notifications (broadcasted) Send informational messages to your Users
Premium / Members-only Spaces Some Rooms/Spaces and features may be conditional upon User's status or activity. 3rd party membership confirmations are supported via e-mail domain verification, CRM integration etc.
Analytics dashboard Web-based analytics UI providing you with your App & Ecosystem metrics such as Users, Sessions, Transactions, Coins & Items, Messages, Push Notifications, Attachments etc.
Firebase integration Monitor app usage, demography, location, re-actiivation via Google Firebase dashboards
Explorer Web explorer is available in Dappros Platform dashboard
Validation node Add your own node to the network to access blockchain data directly
Access Control List Manage Access at Owner, Application and User level for different actions and resources (see ACL page for details).
API Our RESTful JSON API for cases where you need to go beyond functionalities and flows currently implemented in the engine
API documentation Full API documentation of Ethora's backend via Dappros Platform. This provides access to Application/API/Web3/caching (DP Core) + Messaging (XMPP Ejabberd, Push Notifications) + Ethereum Blockchain (geth):
Swagger Interactive web interface to query our API:
Short URL Room/Space linking Link to Rooms/Spaces within your App via short URL from other applications and websites (see also QR code sharing).
Bots Automated agents with their own Profiles and Wallets. May be interfacing dApps / smart contracts or external integration such as e-commerce, information retrieval etc. Some ready bots can be enabled out of the box, e.g. Notary Bot will sync your messages into immutable ledger, Booking Bot will set up an appointment with its owner User etc, Hut Hut Bot demonstrates interaction with storing and retrieving digital assets, Questionnaire Bot demonstrates collecting information from the user via conversational interface.

Bots allow to integrate any functionality not covered by Ethora engine.

Privacy Policy Ethora's standard Privacy Policy is included within the App which covers Ethora-based projects universally. You can modify or replace it with your own Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer πŸ“œ

Our platform provides technology for ecosystems built on the principles of openness, transparency and decentralization. By design, certain information such as user profiles, rankings, and the transactions of digital assets will be visible to the whole ecosystem or to the public. You should not use the standard version of this product for storing or sending secure or commercially sensitive content. You should not use any versions of this product for emergency communications. You should not share information or content through our platform in cases where you may not be comfortable or authorized to share it with the public.

Note: enterprise-friendly version of Ethora engine (commercial license, additional security layers, custom user sign-on mechanisms, Professional Services & SLA package), dedicated hosting and members-only blockchain are available under our Commercial package.

Developers and Funders of the project 🀝

Ethora mobile app codebase, Dappros Platform backend (Ethereum-based infrastructure, core application, wallets handling, caching, Web3, IPFS storage and API layer) are developed and supported by Dappros. Real-time communication infrastructure (Ejabberd chat server and custom application logic, Push Notifications, statistics and monitoring) are developed by DeepX.

The project is currently (2018-2021) developed and funded solely by these two privately owned companies. It is our aim however to transition project governance to an open-source foundation / DAO as soon as the activity from the developers community becomes significant to justify such transition. In such case the existing entities will focus on commercial services and enterprise version of the engine, while the project core development will be governed by a foundation / DAO under the principles of open source software.

Commercial & licensing model πŸ›’

Our approach to licensing is similar to a 'Red Hat model' where we offer most of the product open-source so that a wide global community can benefit from it and contribute to its further development, but we also offer commercial licensing and technical support options for businesses and enterprises to help fund further development of the product.

In terms of license and code availability the product can be broken down as follows:

  • Client-side (mobile app): (A): free, open-source under GPL license; (B) Paid-for commercial license with security add-on and SLA package.
  • Server-side: freemium (free cloud plan fits most startups and non-commercial organizations, paid SLA and dedicated hosting plans available for businesses that require them).

Future plans & roadmap πŸ“…

DAO governance vision

Currently (2022) Dappros is a privately owned company that offers an open-source mobile app, open-source private blockchain and closed-source backend. Our founders promote decentralized economy and free p2p communication technologies for many years. We are developing a roadmap where the platform will become fully open and its governance can be transferred to a decentralized organization. In such scenario, we will remain a private organisation offering implementation and SLA services, but the development of the new versions of the platform engine and maintenance of the publicly available infrastructure will become globally distributed and decentralized. Our only limiting factor here is funding and time constraints.

Roadmap 2018-2021

  • A platform allowing businesses and creators to easily set up and for users to join and explore a tokenized p2p ecosystem βœ…
  • Partially centralized βœ…
  • Assets and transactions ledger are decentralized βœ…
  • Leveraging state of the art DLT, mobile and communication technologies βœ…
  • Mobile-first ("no ads, no gimmicks") βœ…
  • Open-source client βœ…

Roadmap 2022-2023

  • Self-Sovereign Identity - users own their identity, content and assets πŸ‘·πŸ› οΈ
  • Open-source server - anybody can download and run a Validator or Host node (closed-source enterprise version possible for private chain projects) πŸ‘·πŸ› οΈ
  • Validator / Hoster incentives - self-supporting network πŸ‘·πŸ› οΈ
  • Easy sidechain / mainchain assets transfer πŸ‘·πŸ› οΈ

Roadmap 2024-2025

  • Decentralized maintenance allowing both (a) incentivized hosting of the public infrastructure and (b) private networks. Γ€ la Ethereum;
  • R&D grants available for teams and individual developers contributors globally
  • Decentralized governance - platform stakeholders make important decisions for the public network
  • Meritocracy - governance stakes are earned through supporting platform infrastructure (running nodes), R&D work and platform promotion

Contact πŸ“ž

Drop us a line if you’re interested to find out more or to become a contributor to the project.

Also feel free to submit pull requests in our Github repo!