Cryptowallet and digital assets

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Digital assets and Wallets in your Ecosystem

Each User has a crypto wallet that stores his / her digital assets of your Ecosystem (as well as compatible with the global blockchain platform Ethereum).

For Users logging into the system for the first time, a new Crypto Wallet is created.

Types of digital assets (Tokens) in Ethora

There are two types of digital assets:

Coins (local currency)

Items (unique collectible digital assets based on NFT)

Coins are an internal currency based on the ERC-20 blockchain token.

In default Ethora configuration, each user gets 100 coins upon joining and 5 coins for every day they log in into the App.

Some Ecosystems keep the Coins virtual and internal, while other Ecosystems may decide to connect Coins directly or indirectly to real-world currency, cryptocurrency or other fungible asset.

Tokens, payments and Appstore distribution

Please note that your distribution options (such as Apple Appstore and Google Play store) may be limited for your Ethora-based applications in case you decide to link your in-app Coins with real-world currency. This is due to the relevant stores' terms & conditions which have limitations or specific guidelines around payments processing and cryptocurrencies.

The default Ethora configuration doesn't allow real-world cash ("fiat") payments and does not interact directly with public blockchains cryptocurrencies, which allows Applications with this configuration to be accepted into Apple and Google app stores.