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About Ethora Commercial package

Commercial package is a turnkey solution combining products and services that offer a most efficient implementation of Ethora engine and community tokenization for a given project. This is a paid-for package delivered by Ethora developers or our implementation partners.

This offering is a great fit for businesses who lack technical resources with relevant experience and/or want a fast and efficient deployment by an experienced team along with post-launch technical support and SLA contracts.

The proceedings from Ethora Commercial package sales go directly towards further R&D of Ethora engine codebase and maintenance of our servers infrastructure, so we can keep delivering a great product and service to you and other users.

Mobile app (Wallet/Vault & Community app)

  • Your own Wallet & Community app - an iOS and Android app built using the latest stable version of Ethora engine with all the features included.
  • Re-branding package: basic branding/labelling works including change of app name, logo and background colours to match your business or project branding.
  • Tokenization consultation and implementation: we discuss and work out the best tokenization model for your community or project, the role of Coins and NFTs (Items), initial distribution mechanism for your tokens / digital assets, p2p transactions and trading (if applicable), the gamification and retention mechanics (activity bonuses, chat rooms, push notifications etc), adjust your Application configuration accordingly and guide you through the token issuance via our web admin interface.
  • Configuration - standard Ethora engine default settings might not be a best fit for all. Do you want all of your end users to be able to mint NFTs? Would you like to enable all social logins? Do you want public profiles? On-boarding screens? Secondary e-mails? We'll study your project and configure your Ethora engine accordingly.
  • Ethora commercial license: a project-specific commercially friendly license that allows to use Ethora engine without limitations. Our standard copyleft open-source license may be prohibitive to some commercial projects but helps to facilitate code contributions to the project. Commercial license allows you to close-source and allows us to use the license fee towards further development of the open-source version, so everybody wins.

Backend and SLA (Blockchain-as-a-service and managed infrastructure)

  • Ethora engine uses Dappros Platform as its cloud backend. A Business / Enterprise plan of Dappros Platform removes some limitations of a free version and provides you with a professional enterprise-grade SLA and support package guaranteeing uptime, backup policy, quick technical support etc.
  • On-boarding and training with Web Dashboard - you/your team will go through an on-boarding session which includes training around the Web Dashboard. It's your admin panel interface that allows to manage Applications, Tokens, Users and Wallets, review Stats, view blockchain transactions via Explorer, check infrastructure health and generally control and manage your tokenized ecosystem.
  • (Optional) dedicated setup of Dappros Platform infrastructure at our cloud infrastructure or your own data centre / on premise. Allows for custom configuration of API, blockchain and IPFS parameters, infrastructure size, backups and security policies etc.
  • Blockchain and wallets configuration options - sidechain, anchoring, atomic swap, hot vs cold wallets, self sovereign IDs, self-audit and provenance tracking - we will guide you through configuration options and help you with blockchain configuration decisions that best fit your purposes.
architecture of the blockchain, application, API and caching layer is shown
Ethora backend infrastructure (Dappros Platform)

Illustrated above is the server-side architecture of our backend platform.

By default, your project will be hosted along with other projects in a cloud multi-tenancy configuration, with all projects connected to the same Layer 2 blockchain.

A dedicated setup option is available for projects that require custom application, API and blockchain configuration and/or custom backup and security policies.

Optional / Advanced items

  • Advanced re-design / re-skin and modification of Ethora engine to match your requirements that go beyond standard re-branding and configuration works
  • Custom integrations with your existing users database, CRM, ERP, accounting and other 3rd party systems
  • White paper consulting / writing: some token-based projects plan to publish a whitepaper and (optionally) raise funding, for example through a decentralized token offering. We can support you as a technical partner in this process providing the required materials regarding your technical infrastructure, blockchain configuration and tokenization model. White paper writing option is also available.