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Chat and real-time communication features are the main glue and discovery mechanism between Users, Digital Assets and Bots/Contracts in your Ecosystem.

What Chat Rooms (Spaces) are

Chat Rooms (or Spaces) in Ethora are essentially chat rooms with extra features and capabilities*.

(*for example, chat rooms have their own crypto wallets, can interact with Digital Assets etc).

Lobby screen and Default rooms

When they log into the Application, Users see all the Chat Rooms they are subscribed too, as well as a participant counter and the last message sent in each room.

By clicking on a room, the User enters the corresponding room, sees the message history and can write his/her messages.

In each Application / Ecosystem, normally there is a list of one or more Default Chat rooms (Spaces) that serve as the entry point or "lobby" to your Application / Ecosystem.

Users are subscribed to these chat rooms by default and can always see them.

Modifying Default Chats / Spaces

Note: it is possible to modify Default Chats (Spaces) in Configuration of the Application. You may also specify which Chats (Spaces) are visible to all Users, and which are only visible to Premium Users.

User created Chat Rooms / Spaces

Also, Users can create their own Chat Rooms (Spaces) (unless you disable this in Configuration). Chat Rooms (Spaces) created by your end Users will not be visible to other Users unless they receive and accept an invite via QR Invite or Link Invite.