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Ethora engine uses Dappros Platform on the server side.

Please find API documentation below.

API documentation

API documentation


Swagger (Dev)


API usage and optimization

API usage by screens

Global Login Mint Home Profile (own) Profile (another user) Chat Accounts Transactions NFT Item History
/users/login/refresh /users/login files/ wallets/balance wallets/balance /tokens/transfer/items /users/emails wallets/balance /explorer/transactions?
/users /tokens/items /explorer/transactions? /explorer/transactions? /tokens/transfer /explorer/transactions?
/users/checkEmail/ wallets/balance /users /ethers/transfer

Most used API endoints

The most used api endpoints

Your servers and endpoints

Hosting and deployment options

In most cases your Ethora-based project will be hosted in the main Dappros Platform L2 Network. In some cases your project will have your own dedicated Network.

Note: Currently (July 2022), server hosting is only provided via Dappros Platform blockchain-as-a-service solution. There are options to be hosted at the main Network ("DP Cloud") including a free plan, or have your own dedicated L2 network hosted by us. We are working on the possibility to support self deployed nodes and host your own Network via Docker and AWS Marketplace options, which will provide