Meet Elphie, my toy poodle. Elphie watched me needle-felt her little twin with great interest. She is now following me around the house with an expression of awe on her face. I wonder if she is believing that I am where poodles come from! #puppymythology
Now meet Micro-Elphie, my toy toy poodle: 
This was the first time that I have ever tried needle felting, and I do believe that I am in love with it. I started by purchasing a kit to make a sheep from an amazing Etsy shop called Gourmet Felted. The shop owner kindly sent me Elphie's colors instead of the regular sheep colors, and I used a combination of her tutorial along with a few videos on YouTube to figure out the needle felting process.

Next, I will attempt to make a toy poodle toy made with real toy poodle (I certainly have enough raw material here, and I read that poodle hair felts nicely)!

Needle felting is just so much fun, and it was a wonderful mini-vacation for me after a very busy holiday season. Plus, there is the added bonus of blowing my dog's mind. Poor thing, she wants to play with it so badly that it impossible to take a photo of the two of them together. The best that I could do was this:

All other photos of the two of them are a complete blur of puppy excitement. Now I am wondering if i can make a toy toy poodle toy for a toy poodle... I go running back into the wire tree forest! 
I found these glow in the dark beads and they are SO COOL...I just had to use them for moons! They are NOT made with a cheap flaky coating. These high quality Czech glass beads have been injected with a non toxic mineral at the time of pressing. This moon will glow after being briefly exposed to light (indoor lamps, black light or the sun). When not glowing, this "stone" reminds me of aquamarine. When it glows it is a teal blue. So beautiful and fun!

Now available in my Etsy shop!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. And it was a full moon. I celebrated by adding a gorgeous moonstone to a solid 14k gold tree pendant that I made a couple of years ago?
My dear sweet husband made this video featuring my trees along with his original music. Please enjoy!
Yay, my new website is working! I am trying to keep it simple, clean, and easy to navigate. I would love feedback, so please feel free to let me know how I can make this site better.

I made a special pendant to celebrate my new website, and I am offering it at 50% off to the first 20 people who claim it. Please visit my shop section to see this special as well as my entire forest of nature-inspired jewelry.

Thanks so much!