Meet Elphie, my toy poodle. Elphie watched me needle-felt her little twin with great interest. She is now following me around the house with an expression of awe on her face. I wonder if she is believing that I am where poodles come from! #puppymythology
Now meet Micro-Elphie, my toy toy poodle: 
This was the first time that I have ever tried needle felting, and I do believe that I am in love with it. I started by purchasing a kit to make a sheep from an amazing Etsy shop called Gourmet Felted. The shop owner kindly sent me Elphie's colors instead of the regular sheep colors, and I used a combination of her tutorial along with a few videos on YouTube to figure out the needle felting process.

Next, I will attempt to make a toy poodle toy made with real toy poodle (I certainly have enough raw material here, and I read that poodle hair felts nicely)!

Needle felting is just so much fun, and it was a wonderful mini-vacation for me after a very busy holiday season. Plus, there is the added bonus of blowing my dog's mind. Poor thing, she wants to play with it so badly that it impossible to take a photo of the two of them together. The best that I could do was this:

All other photos of the two of them are a complete blur of puppy excitement. Now I am wondering if i can make a toy toy poodle toy for a toy poodle... I go running back into the wire tree forest!